1.00 EUR = 1.10194 USD 1.00 USD = 0.9074

1.00 USD = 7.7539 HKD 1.00 HKD = 0.12897

1.00 USD = 7.0929 CNY 1.00 CNY = 0.14099

1.00 JPY = 0.06556 CNY 1.00 CNY = 15.253

1.00 EUR = 0.89139 GBP 1.00 GBP = 1.1218

1.00 GBP = 1.23621 USD 1.00 USD = 0.8089


Headquartered in the fast-paced financial hub Hong Kong, FutureX Holding Limited (FTX) is a leading multi-disciplinary company that is active in the field of hard commodities including polymers, chemicals, artificial leather and building materials with main focus on minerals such as iron and chrome ore as well as metals and scrap. With a diversified product portfolio and close relationship with hundreds of top-notch suppliers and customers, we are privileged to have a large footprint in China and enjoy a great access to the world market.

Our brand values center on excellence, professionalism and innovation. The solid infrastructure and strong support team of FTX cater to the increasing demand of its partners' businesses. We specialize in end-to-end sourcing, processing and supply of multiple products, qualifying us to capitalize on our expertise to offer complete solutions for clients in various business processes with outstanding services.